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Tomás Martín

Castanets Soloist


CD ESSENCES: Price 13 Euros. Shipping costs included topeninsula and islands or via transfer bank to the number: ES1201280200910109079324

Review of the North of Castilla:  05/15/23 Emiliano Allende

Percussion came to the fore with Tomás Martín who, with castanets, became the protagonist of an original version of the “Intermedio” from La Boda de Luís Alonso, by Giménez. The soloist garnered well-deserved applause.

Ritmo Magazine Review:  05/15/23 Jose Maria Morate

The global success was reciprocated with a version with castanets soloist Tomás Martín of The Wedding of Luis Alonso de Giménez, which devastated the public, ready to receive even more.

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