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Tomás Martín

Castanets Soloist

Press review of  Norte de Castilla newspaper:  premiere Pasotango Iº Simancas Symphony Festival by José María Morate 

Full auditorium and pleasant afternoon-evening like the concert, attractive to see and listen to Tomás Martín (Madrid, 1970), professor at the OSCyL and the High Conservatory of Salamanca, who, as a result of his research, dedication and passion for castanets , is managing to recover them for the classic, ordering original repertoire...


Hailed as an innovative artist, Tomás Martín is one of the most captivating and outstanding castanets soloists of the moment. His virtuosity and the new approach he gives to the castanets have awakened the interest of contemporary composers in the creation of works for this instrument.

He has achieved that after four decades since the last composition for castanets and orchestra, Flores Chaviano has dedicated “Four scenes from the Spanish suite for castanets: Seville, Córdoba, Asturias and Castilla” to him. It was commissioned and premiered at the 34th León Spanish Music Festival with the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra.

Director and founder of the IberyCAS CAMerata which combines the classical string camerata and castanets as a solo instrument, having as its main objective the dissemination of the Spanish chamber music repertoire. In the 2020/2022 seasons, he has premiered works dedicated to him by the composers Flores Chaviano, José Zárate, María José Cordero and Joaquín Gericó.


Member of DUa2, together with the pianist Eva Llorente, this ensemble masterfully blends the sound of castanets and piano. It intends to serve as a vehicle for current creation through close collaboration with composers of our time. Their main objective is the dissemination and expansion of the repertoire of Spanish music. His performances have been broadcast on Radio Classica, Televisión Española and on the AllegroHD Channel specialized in classical music for Latin America. He has recorded an album dedicated to Spanish music together with the Camerata Classica de Ponferrada.


He has collaborated with conductors such as Alejandro Posada, Roberto González-Monjas, Johanna Sierralta and Miguel Ortega. In the summer of 2022, he performed a concert tour in Antioquia (Colombia), with the pianist Sergio Posada and the Iberacademy Symphony Orchestra (Medellín). In the next season he will collaborate with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Cali, the Ponferrada International Guitar Festival, the Ávila Symphony Orchestra, the Cantabrian Symphony Orchestra, the City of Ponferrada Cristóbal Halffter Symphony Orchestra, the Ponferrada Classical Camerata, the Burgos Orchestra, the Liceo Theater in Salamanca, Tamborimba-Cali Percussion Quartet (Colombia), Villa de Simancas Summer Festival and will give a Masterclass at the Chopin University of Music (Poland).


Born in Madrid, he is currently assistant timpani soloist of the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Percussion at the Advanced Conservatory of Castilla y León. In addition, he has a diploma in Osteopathy and Therapeutic Massage, specializing in the treatment and recovery of musicians affected by musculoskeletal injuries. He received his PhD from the University of Valladolid. Martín plays with Jale castanets black granadillo sizes 5-8.

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